Jack Sonnabaum and Judith Hunt

“I’ve now got the greatest house in the world. After our home burnt to the ground, Gayle did an as-built for estimating, then worked with us to redesign our home.  She is very flexible and worked easily on many last minute changes.  The house was close enough in size and location to the original, that we avoided the time, cost, and stress of a public review process.  I recommend her to everyone.”

Joey Edelman

“After a two year uphill battle I hired Gayle and had all my permits in four weeks. She is a code expert, excels at design and the public review process.  There is nothing Gayle cannot do.  I highly recommend her.”

Jim Brown and Bob Caponi

“A wiz at the planning entitlement process, Gayle is respectful, knowledgeable, and works well with the community, planning and building departments.  We were able to get our 2 million dollar home approved in just one public hearing where others were taking 9 months. She worked with our design ideas and completed plans that were well organized and complete. We had a smooth construction process and love our new home.”

Additional References
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